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To hear excerpts from Bobbie's available song selections, please play the sample tracks. You can also request a demo CD on the Contact page.

Music Range:


From Bach to Beethoven, classical to contemporary, religious to Renaissance - Bobbie can play a wide variety of musical styles. She will work with you to develop the ideal program for your wedding or special occasion.


Music Repertoire:

  • Classical

  • Baroque

  • Celtic

  • Jewish

  • Contemporary

  • Renaissance

  • Folk

  • Christian

  • Standards

  • Disney

  • Musicals

  • Broadway

  • Hymns

  • Seasonal  

  • Love Songs

  • Pop Music


Music Therapy:


Bobbie believes in the health benefits of music therapy and has played for regional hospitals. For years, she has volunteered to play for the babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Graduate Nursery at Miami Valley Hospital.  The harp music calms the newborns, doctors and nursing staff.  Studies show that babies who are exposed to classical music heal better, eat more and gain weight faster, enabling them to go home earlier.  Bobbie has also brought the harp’s soothing sound to the cancer, oncology, dialysis, orthopedics and rehabilitative medicine departments at a local hospital. 


She says, “Music therapy is another way I can share my gift. The possibility of making one baby a little stronger or making one cancer patient’s day a little brighter is reason enough for me.” 

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