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Bobbie Strobhar has been playing the harp for over 30 years, but she has been a musician for much longer.  Her love of music started with the piano at age 9, and since then she has learned how to play the piano, trombone, guitar, dulcimer and, of course, the harp.


Her husband has been buying musical instruments for her as anniversary presents since they were first married.  One year, he purchased a small Celtic harp and thought it would look nice in the living room even if Bobbie didn’t play it.  But Bobbie began teaching herself how to play and started taking lessons. As her interest grew, they bought a used semi-grand harp and eventually ordered a custom-made concert grand harp.  Bobbie quit her job to focus on becoming a professional, full-time musician and she hasn’t looked back since.


Today, Bobbie is one of the most recognized harpists in Dayton, Ohio and the Miami Valley area. She has played for hundreds of indoor and outdoor weddings, and has performed in a wide variety of orchestral and chamber concerts. Most of her events require solo harp; however, she performs with other musicians for duets, trios, quartets and more.  Her two daughters, both flutists, have accompanied her at special events and in religious services. Bobbie also teaches harp instructions to students of all ages. 

In her career, Bobbie has been honored to be the principal harpist for the Wright State University Community Orchestra. She is the coordinator and lead harpist for the Dayton Area Harp Ensemble.   


Bobbie says, “The greatest reward to me when I play the harp is seeing how much enjoyment it gives to the listener.  Knowing that my music can positively affect lives – from soothing the tiniest of babies to providing elegant music for a bride’s most important day - is heart warming and soul satisfying.”

Bobbie brings a professional, elegant style to your wedding or special occasion, drawing on years of experience to play the perfect music to match you, your event, and the experience you want to create.

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