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Bobbie has a variety of harps that she selects from depending on the occasion. She has two concert grand harps, a semi-grand harp, two Celtic lever harps, and a lap harp. Your specific event will influence the perfect harp choice.  Her favorite harps are her concert grands, named Charlemagne and Athena, both hand constructed and hand painted by W&W Venus Harps in Chicago, IL.


For photos of Bobbie, her harps, and various concerts and weddings she has played at, please see the Gallery.


In addition to offering solo harp, Bobbie can coordinate the following musical ensembles at your request:

  • Duet: Harp and violin

  • Duet: Harp and flute

  • Trio: Harp, violin and cello

  • Quartet: Harp, violin, flute, cello

  • Quintet: Harp, violin, flute, cello, viola

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